Ten picks for your sweetheart.


I Heart Cashmere

Way-cool fashion label Joystick pours the love into each garment and the finished product is not only a hip fashion statement but a commitment-a commitment to take care of your hand-embroidered

cashmere sweater

***image7***($253) or the tough but sweet

baby-cord blazer

($240) with eyelet cuffs and "love forever" tattooed on the back.


(101 W. Marcy St., 988-3585) carries this fine assortment of cute clothing for your own cutie.


Chocolate Seduction

You're not gonna get off on a Whitman's sampler so pony up for

Kakawa Chocolate House

(847 Niñita St., 982-0388) and El Milagro Herb's marriage of sexy elixirs. Hailed as an organic alternative to commercial Kama Sutra kits, the

Sensual Lovers Body Kit

($65) contains two aphrodisiac truffles (they work; trust us), two Euphoric Chocolate Chai concentrates, a generous amount of Choco-Lick Cream for painting favorite body parts, Eros Massage Oil and a mysterious vial of Erotic Amazon Oil.

Port. It's What's for After Dinner

Port has gained resurgence in the drink-fashion world and

claims it is the "wine of philosophy." Try surprising him or her with a



, slightly sweeter than its tawny cousin, or indulge in a

vintage port

like ***image12***Quinta do Crasto 2003 ($77.99) while discussing the philosophy of gettin' it on. Its warming and calming effect makes for a smooth evening of rounding all the bases.

Susan's Fine Wine and Spirits

(1001 Pen Road, Suite G-2, 984-1582) has a fantastic selection and a staff ready to assist.


Shake It Like a Salt Shaker

Stop using salt cellars and pepper grinders-that's so last century! Replace your set with

Hug Salt and Pepper Shakers

by Mint! ($21), an excellent way to say anything from "I like you" to "I love you" to "It's over and I'm taking my salt cellars." Get a pair at

Design Warehouse

(101 W. Marcy St., 988-1555).


Get Off the Couch

You've seen 'em advertised in the back of magazines or as pop-ups while you're trying to look at porn; now this fantastic set of sex furniture is available at

Au Boudoir

(614 Agua Fria St., 983-7700). The

Liberator's Bedroom Adventure Gear

($65-$395) boasts firm-yet soft-wedges and curves that provide access to the elusive G-spot by making positions easier to accomplish. Accessories include slipcovers, blindfolds, cuffs and there's even a DVD of positions, in case you need some guidance.


Skim This Book

When the kids are asleep (thanks to the extra cough syrup) it's time to bust out the naughty nighttime stories.

Best Women's Erotica

($14.95) includes tantalizing tales of spanking, swinging and sex with policemen. If someone ***image1***knows an easier way out of a ticket, let us know. For you literati-types, there's

The Best American Erotica 2006

($14) with appearances by David Sedaris, John Updike and others who seduce readers with a more intellectual-type of foreplay.

Collected Works Bookstore

(208-B W. San Francisco St., 988-5541) has these bawdy books on hand.


Well-Dressed Mannequin


(202 Galisteo St., 988-1959) has a fine selection of men's shirts, blazers and slacks such to gussy up your gentleman's wardrobe. A romantic night out starts with

Zanella Slacks

($275) topped off with a fine silk shirt by Tommy Bahama ($98-$110) and a

Canali wool blazer

($895) while a

pocket silk

($45) completes this look as it ends up tossed on the floor in a fit of passion.


Vintage Valentines

Everyone remembers collecting Valentines at classroom mixers. Now some of those cards have been reproduced with the same sticky-sweet sayings and classic illustrations that hark back to days when hand-holding was considered racy. An assortment of pinky papers and various boxes are waiting to be filled with

vintage Valentine's Day cards

and notepads ($4.75-$5.25) from


(213 W. San Francisco St., 982-3080).


Yoga for the Whole Family

This couple's getaway is just the ticket for special dates and perfect for families.


(333 Cordova Road, 986-0362) has lined up activities to keep the adults relaxed and loose while the kids are entertained in the playroom and fed dinner while mommy and daddy take a yoga class. Once dinner is served, it's off to the playroom for the kiddos while the adults eat a healthy meal sans kid-noise. This is an excellent way to stretch out a Valentine's celebration for a few months.

Couple's Night Out

at Body costs $20 per couple, and $15 per child (though you don't have to have children to sign up) and runs on Saturday, March 4; Saturday, April 1; Saturday, May 6.


Simply Skimpy

You can't go wrong with the

silk georgette chemise

by Mary Green, especially when the color is called "Red Danger" ($49). This slinky see-through number is finished with pale blue lace and silky straps. The danger is that it does not come with panties. For gals who insist on underwear, get ahold of the

Issa camisole with matching lowrider hot pants

by Cosabella ($44-$73) in a sexy snakeskin pattern. Ssslither into


(328 Guadalupe St., 982-5747) for your Valentine lingerie.