Under $35
A Dog's Best Friend


We've all got that buddy who won't leave home without Fido in tow, and, frankly, we're sick of the sloppy guy using our good dishes. So this year, make man and his best friend happy with a doggie bowl that travels in style.

Ruff Wear's quencher cinch-top bowl

is great for carrying food or water on those long hikes up Atalaya and is available at Wild Mountain Outfitters' new shop (453 Cerrillos Road, 986-1152).

Water Warriors


Snow and digital cameras aren't the best of combinations. Pelican offers several sizes of perfect little

water-resistant digital camera cases

available at Camera & Darkroom (216 Galisteo St., 983-2948 and 1007 Pen Road, 988-2043) for $12.99 to $18.99. These cases come in several colors for those who want to match their ski boots perfectly and have just enough room to keep an extra battery and memory card on hand for those moments when inspiration strikes.

Bring the Noise


Music lovers don't like to go more than a few inches outside of their homes without their very own soundtrack. The guys at Santa Fe Mountain Sports (607 Cerrillos Road, 988-3337) understand that and have the

Bula earphone hat

($25) in a variety of colors. Just plug in your mp3 player and go warmly into the future.

Mr. T Fights Back


With the heavy rains that blew in over the summer and fall, goatheads are hiding everywhere, just waiting for an unsuspecting bicycle tire to pop. Fortunately, Mr. Tuffy and New Mexico Bike 'n' Sport (524 W. Cordova Road, Ste. C, 820-0809) have your favorite biker covered for $13-$18. These

tire liners

are tough and help bicyclists stick it to nature, instead of nature sticking it to their rubber.

Pump Up the Volume


There's nothing worse than running outside first thing in the morning, late already, and discovering a flat bike tire. Proflate's

C02-powered bike pump

offers a quick and lightweight solution to get your favorite bike lover back on the road, and a portion of the purchase price is donated to breast cancer research. This little pump ($24.99) from rob and charlie's (1632 St. Michael's Drive, 741-9119) was designed for racers and is perfect for those not running on Santa Fe time.

 Over $35
Why, Yes, I Do Have the Time


One of the best things about living in New Mexico is the ability to go fishing all day and still be home in time for dinner, with freshly caught fish, no less! The Reel Life (500 Montezuma Ave., Sanbusco Center, 995-8114) has the

Dakota Angler 3 Watch

($65) with all the gadgets fishermen need on one handy, lightweight, water-resistant carabiner. There's a clock, compass, hook sharpener, penlight and zinger ready to be clipped right to those waders.

Woodland Gourmet


There's nothing worse than eating cold SpaghettiOs on a camping trip (besides being eaten by a bear, that is). Some camp stoves are so big and slow, you might as well just bring a backyard barbecue grill out into the woods. However, the

Jetboil Group Cooking System

($109.95) at Sangre de Cristo Mountain Works (328 Guadalupe St., 984-8221) solves those problems and more. The lightweight stove is the fastest on the market, boiling water in record time, and is wrapped in a neoprene shell to keep the food hot and the hands from being scorched.


Slippery Slopes

Snowboard snobs will rejoice while carving down the hillsides on anti-corporate boards for men and women. Rome's boards are the closet thing to skateboards on the mountain and are perfect for hauling ass downhill or practicing jumps and tricks. The men's


($480) and women's


($360) are made according to what boarders tell the company they want in a deck. So get ready for powder days with Beyond Waves (1428 Cerrillos Road, 988-2240).

Fashion Plates


Alpine Sports (121 Sandoval St., Ste. B, 983-5155) is bringing 1983 back in full force.

Moon Boots

($149) will soon be keeping legs warm all over town. Forget those fuzzy Uggs, folks; it's all about brightly colored nylon with fur trim or a simple rainbow to light up your outfit or your day. There's nothing more perfect for ski lodge cocktails-these boots are warm, funky and sure to start a conversation.

My Name Is Mud


A wader mat might seem odd to the nonfisherman, but really, it makes perfect sense. No one wants to bring half the riverbed home in the carpet of the car after a great day on the river. The

Fishpond Wader Mat

($45) is made of durable nylon that can be hosed off, saving automobile interiors, waders and space (by easily rolling up with attached Velcro straps). These great little suckers are also perfect for muddy dog beds, but don't tell the guys at High Desert Angler (451 Cerrillos Road, 988-7688) we said so.