1 Harry’s Roadhouse
96-B Old Las Vegas Hwy.

The allure of Harry’s Roadhouse is attributable to three factors that work perfectly together.

First, the atmosphere is fantastic. With a beautiful back patio, a sunny front patio, a bright and airy front dining room, a dark and cozy bar, there’s always a nook to meet your mood. You can be sure you’ll run into people you know on a Sunday, flipping through the paper and slurping coffee. The feeling of community fostered here is its second great quality.

But the third, and the best, is the food. Harry’s hits the sweet spot between straight-up diner food (pancakes, French toast, huevos) and the kinds of things you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make at home. The scrapple (a Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast meat delight) is a particular treat for displaced East Coasters. But the muffins, the coffee cake, the cinnamon rolls! Can we talk about the cinnamon rolls? So sweet, so tender, so freakin’ addictive!

No wonder we’re willing to form a line out the door.

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