1 Joe West
This is the story of Joe West: the guitar slingin’ local hero who takes your preconceived notions of country, folk, gospel and rock, and turns them upside down. No longer will we be forced to lump in country and folk with toothless weirdos or faux cowboys; West is for real, and he is more handsome than you.

West is a beloved fixture and institution in our scene, whether it’s The Joe West Show, The Santa Fe All-Stars or the ongoing saga of Xoe Fitzgerald, the Time Traveling Transvestite. Whatever the band and whatever the style, one thing remains constant: West owns you! Big plans are in the works for more chapters in the tale of Xoe Fitzgerald, some Santa Fe All-Stars performances, as well as a variety-style radio show—not even to mention his myriad solo appearances, gospel brunches and whatever other amazing-ass stuff he’s got hidden up his sleeve.

West has lived and performed all over the country, most notably in New York and Austin, yet he holds Santa Fe very near and dear to his heart. “There is such an incredible pocket of talent in this town,” he says. “It’s hard to stay away.” True, my friend. And forgive me asking you this favor: Don’t go away…or I will cry.

2 Tony C’de Baca

3 Jono Manson