1 The Shed
113½ E. Palace Ave.

The Shed’s red knocks us dead.

This Santa Fe institution serves a red chile sauce that’s bright, fruity, intense and hot, exactly the way we like it. Blanketing a plate of enchiladas and seeping into a pile of pinto beans, this red chile reminds us why we live in New Mexico. How miserable an existence it must be to not be able to stroll over to the Shed for some meaty, tender carne adovada infused with the flavor of magnificent ripe chiles! How lucky we are to be here! Think of that the next time you order huevos rancheros with two eggs sunny-side up, and then let your fork gently pierce the yolks and watch the warm golden egg spill into the velvety red chile.

Have you ever poured the red over your steak or ladled it liberally into your posole? Oh you haven’t, have you? Well order another margarita and get creative with it! Take some of that famous garlic bread, spread it with red chile and dot it with carne adovada. The Shed pizza!

2 Tomasita’s, 500 S. Guadalupe St., 505-983-5721

3 Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen, 555 W. Cordova Road, 505-983-7929