1 Pilates Santa Fe
839 Paseo de Peralta

Did you know there’s an East Coast and a West Coast Pilates, and that members of the opposing groups often meet for rumbles in the Southside? OK, that last bit isn’t  true, but there are a wide variety of Pilates styles, including different ones for each coast. Part of Pilates Santa Fe’s skill lies in its serene navigation of these opposing camps. “Our palette is huge,” Raymond Kurshals, founder and director of Pilates Santa Fe, says.

However, Pilates Santa Fe is more than a smorgasbord of high-level Pilates teachers (Kurshals is recognized internationally for his skill and has studied under many of the original students of Joseph Pilates himself). No, the special sparkle of Pilates Santa Fe lies with an attitude: “As we learn to control our physical body, we can do the same with our psycho-spiritual side,” Kurshals says. It’s this focus on a higher order that makes Pilates Santa Fe relaxed, pleasant, motivating and successful. Especially now, Kurshals says: “In this economy, people need to get a sense of joy and hope physically back into them.”

The best way to do that may be to stretch and curl and spring and bounce under a watchful eye. (Caroline K Gorman)

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