If you're wondering who the rockin' folks are on the cover of this year's Best Of Santa Fe, you clearly need to get out more. Stephanie Hatfield & Hot Mess (Jason Aspeslet, Mathiew McClinton and Bill Palmer) won over the city this year—and triumphed with readers in the Best New Band category.

Of course, the "new" categories in Best Of are, in some ways, the most exciting—be sure to check out which eatery emerged as Best New Restaurant, as well as numerous new categories—and winners—in Santa Fe's thriving music community.

Of course, we like the oldies, as well—but even there you'll find some upsets (Best Breakfast Burrito, anyone?). And speaking of upsets, it seems our Best Of competition isn't the only political race in which every vote counts—the correlation between Gov. Bill Richardson's slide to second place for Best Politician and readers' pick for Best Political Scandal seems telling.

The massive participation in this year's contest made for some interesting results. And the huge turnout for last year's Best Of party convinced us to, once again, invite the whole city, not just the winners, to come and celebrate. Please join us from 6 to 9 pm tonight, Wednesday, July 22, at Fusion, 135 W. Palace Ave. (the party will include music by this year's Best DJ, Automatic).

As always, the winners were picked entirely by you, the readers, who voted online in force earlier this spring. Of course, we did throw in a few of our own picks for Best Stuff—you'll find those at the end.
—Julia Goldberg

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