1 Video Library
120 E. Marcy St.

The Video Library has been around for as long as time has existed—well, for almost 28 years, making it the first/oldest video store in the state. And in known memory—the last nine years—it’s taken the top accolades in Best of Santa Fe. Unlike highly marketed favorites such as Snickers and Bud Light, Video Library’s lo-fi presence has, counter-intuitively, kept it at the front of the pack. While the rest of the cinema world is caught up in HD-TV and figuring out what analog is and why it doesn’t work, Video Library adheres to timeworn business principles.

Owner and operator Lisa Harris can’t credit fancy overhead or even digital catalogs for Video Library’s success but, instead, the staff and the movies themselves: “We try to have very interesting and informed librarians to help you find movies you maybe never heard of,” she says. And with the most eclectic selection around, chock-full of foreign and esoteric titles, it’s likely you haven’t. No worries; the staff surely has and is always ready to offer up advice.

2 Hastings, DeVargas Center, 542 N. Guadalupe St., 988-3973

3 Casablanca Video, 1935 Warner St., 473-0600
   4601 Airport Road, 438-4422