1 Poison by Hundred Year Flood
I made the perilous trek up to Frogville Studios—more of a family than a business, really—to find some of Hundred Year Flood’s members just hanging around drinking coffee. Part of what makes the band so cool is they’re all working musicians in a town full of working musicians, but they are humble about their excellence.

The album Poison was actually recorded some time ago, and features Bill Palmer, Felecia Ford, Kendra Palmer and Jim Palmer. Sadly, we weren’t lucky enough to listen in until last Halloween. The album touches on any number of topics, from the environment and politics to love songs and addiction. The entirety of the record is tight alt.country brilliance and even features some guest harmonica action from the famed Taj Mahal on the opening track, “Hell or Highwater.” Flood was recently discovered by Mamoru Hirayama, a Japanese distributor who now has its CDs available in Tower Records all throughout Japan. A recent tour to Holland strengthened Flood’s worldwide appeal, and a new album is already in the works. “If you’re creative, then you’re always rolling,” guitarist Bill Palmer says.

Though there has been a slight change in lineup due to Jim and Kendra Palmer having a baby (congratulations!), new drummer Andy Kravitz and bassist John Courage have ably stepped in. There really is no doubt that Hundred Year Flood’s next release will be a major contender for next year’s Best Of issue.

2 Pueblo Christmas by Robert Mirabal

3 If the World Was Upside Down by Joe West