1 Mu Du Noodles
1494 Cerrillos Road

Americans are such omnivores. We hate being tied down to one style of cuisine, even if we firmly believe that the one we grew up with is still the best. We love an edible adventure! And dinner at Mu Du Noodles is like a cruise through the cuisines of Asia.

The menu changes frequently, but there are almost always Vietnamese spring rolls, Chinese pot stickers, Japanese noodles, Thai curry and Malaysian laksa. Every dish is so distinctive it would be a sin not to share plates here. So go ahead, stick your chopsticks in your date’s plate! This spring, Mu Du Noodles began offering Sunday brunch (it had been dinner-only for several years). No, there’s no bacon and pancakes on this menu; it’s a savory, free-form list of exciting, experimental dishes (not all Asian) and it changes every week. You’ll have to check it out.

Despite the recently expanded space, you might still need reservations, so call ahead.

2 Jinja Bar & Bistro, 510-P N. Guadalupe St., 505-982-4321

3 India Palace, 227 Don Gaspar Ave., 505-86-5859