1 SITE Santa Fe
1606 Paseo de Peralta

Anchoring the Railyard Park, in a mini-echo of the Metropolitan Museum’s iconic location at the edge of New York’s Central Park, SITE Santa Fe is the city’s epicenter of contemporary arts and culture. Every two years, SITE hosts an international biennial exhibition, in case anyone has been wondering why strange foreigners periodically appear and try to put art in trees and lakes and cemeteries and such. Between biennials, an ongoing slate of exhibitions, lectures and panel discussions keeps us all on our art toes. “We at SITE are thrilled to tiny bits to know the good people of Santa Fe love SITE. We think that’s because the feeling is mutual,” Phillips Director Laura Heon says. People don’t always love the work or exhibit, Heon explains, but that’s because SITE is constantly taking risks. “Our way of showing respect for your intelligence is never to coddle you—to do projects that are demanding, difficult and strange, but also meaningful, engaging and sincere,” she says. The next biennial will open in June of 2010, but the programs between now and then “will be weird and wonderful,” Heon says. “We know what we do is a little odd and can even be off-putting sometimes, which is why we try extra hard to be welcoming.” SITE keeps its appeal, Heon says, because visitors always have their curiosity rewarded.

2 Shidoni Gallery and Foundry, 1508 Bishops Lodge Road, Tesuque, 505-988-8001

Meow Wolf, 1800 Hopewell St., 972-978-7637