Regal Cinemas Stadium 14

3474 Zafarano Drive

Regal Stadium 14 has been voted Best Place to See a Movie each of the two years it’s been in existence.

With stadium seating, comfy, semi-reclining seats outfitted with cup holders, big, bright screens and thundering sound systems, it’s a heady, bold experience for the senses. The legion of teenage staff members are also awfully nice—in that corporate way—never failing to say, “Hi, welcome to Regal” as you purchase your ticket, hand them your ticket or ask where the bathrooms are.

“My hands are forever tied,” General Manager Todd Widener says of his inability to tell us how he feels about winning. Regal Entertainment Group forbids him from doing so. Instead, Widener directs SFR to call the corporate offices in Knoxville, Tenn., where it’s revealed that the marketing manager of the Central/New Mexico region, Chad Browning, is no longer handling the Regal Stadium 14’s press. Further attempts to get a response through Regal Entertainment Group’s labyrinthine voice mail trail netted no call-backs.