Trader Joe's

530 W. Cordova Road

Walk through the doors of Trader Joe’s and you’ll be barraged with the sights and smells of cut bouquets and potted botanicals galore. Whether you’re in search of a romantic bunch of long-stemmed lilies or a basil plant to keep in the kitchen, TJ’s is the place to go. Like it does with all its merchandise, TJ’s eliminates the middle man and buys straight from growers around the country to keep costs down and quality up. Store Captain Myles Bradshaw explains that there’s no blanket shipment for the whole country. “We tailor the merchandise to the particular neighborhoods,” he says.

Crew member Olivia Treasure keeps track of which flowers are Santa Fe’s favorites and orders new shipments every day. Best-sellers like elegant orchids or lush alstroemeria are constantly re-stocked for the freshest bunches available. The best part, Bradshaw adds, is that TJ’s maintains a hassle-free return policy if the buyer’s not satisfied or if wilting sets in too early.


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