Upper Crust Pizza

Those unpeeled latillas shade the elevated porch just right, don’t they? Even on a hot summer day, a person can crave a tasty slice, can’t she? And Upper Crust is the coolest place to get one. Sure, Upper Crust has some fancypants toppings, and you can make your pie all gourmet if you want to, but why bother when the regular old pepperoni and sausage is so freakin’ good? It flops over the edge of the plate, just the way you like (and it won’t empty your wallet, either.) During the winter, the aroma of yeasty crust and tangy tomatoes wafts down Old Santa Fe Trail, luring hungry legislators by their flaring nostrils. But don’t worry, it’s not all suits slurping sauce here; Upper Crust attracts a regular clientele of local workers on their lunch hours, hungry tourists out for a casual dinner that doesn’t involve green chile and families stopping in for a mid-afternoon snack. Don’t forget to try the stromboli next time: More crust for your money!


Il Vicino

321 W. San Francisco St.


Back Road Pizza

1807 Second St.

5 Bisbee Court #109