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With so many choices in Santa Fe for those seeking to strike a healing pose, why did Body’s four-year-old yoga studio get top honors from SFR readers? Lorin Parrish, owner of Body, attributes this toned and twisty popularity to several factors. “The space is built out of entirely sustainable materials, including a bamboo floor with no glues. And at 1,800 square feet, it’s big enough for clients to really breathe.” Complementing the peaceful space: a highly respected teaching staff emphasizing a noncompetitive, enjoyable atmosphere. Parrish says, “People practicing yoga develop a profound connection with their teachers. When I hired the staff, I asked myself, ‘Who would I want to study with?’” Parrish sums up the philosophy of yoga instruction at Body: “It’s not about being a pretzel. It’s about being a flexible human being, flexible in mind as well as body.” Three beginner classes, as well as other special classes, fill out a schedule composed otherwise of entirely mixed-level groups, unusual for yoga studios. In the works: two new, smaller yoga studios and a class Parrish calls “Hot Body Yoga.” We predict students will be bending over backwards to get in.



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