1 The Shed
113½ E. Palace Ave.

Oh, the irony! This downtown icon has earned this award many times before, like when it was called the Best Red Chile to Catalyze the Endorphins (2003), Best Red Chile So Addictive You Actually Dreamed About It Last Night (2004) and Best Red Chile So Good It’s Actually the Reason You Haven’t Left Town (2005). But for whatever reason, when we came up with the categories this year we were dreaming about dipping our honey-drenched sopas in velvety-rich red. And who won? The one restaurant in Santa Fe that serves garlic bread—not sopaipillas—to soak up the sauce. Not that we’re complaining! We love the garlic bread. We love it almost as much as we love Chef Josh Carswell’s chile, made from powdered red chiles sourced from a single New Mexico farm. Slathered all over stacked blue corn enchiladas or snuggling up against two fried eggs in huevos rancheros, The Shed’s red chile has been tickling our fancy since 1953.

2 Tomasita’s
500 S. Guadalupe St.

3 Maria’s
555 W. Cordova Road