1 Ten Thousand Waves
3451 Hyde Park Road

Here’s a wacky goal: Schedule a massage therapy session with each of the 125 licensed and highly trained body workers employed by Ten Thousand Waves. Each therapist has at least two years of experience prior to being added to the world-class staff. In order to work at the Waves, massage practitioners go through 50 hours of additional training, including a focus on shiatsu and Thai massage. Courtney Morris, director of the therapy department, says: “We do have a phenomenal group of therapists. All of us care about our local clientele. We elicit what clients want. Communication is very important. We don’t offer 100 different treatments, but what we do is top quality. Everything is real; there’s no fluff.” Santa Feans must appreciate this combination of flufflessness and reality in their deep tissues because they voted Ten Thousand Waves the best massage in a town with a nearly 1:1 ratio of body workers to ordinary, sore citizens.

333 Cordova Road

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