No Country for Old Men


not been voted Best New Mexico-Filmed Movie Released This Year, it would have been a bit like Tiger Woods not winning a Best Thai/Chinese/Dutch/Native American/Black Golfer contest. Well done, dear Santa Fe voters, you have chosen wisely. Not only did No Country take home the Oscars for Best Film, Best Achievement in Directing, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay, it actually was the best in those categories. And all this in a very competitive year.

Thus, essentially, the best film in the whole wide world released this year was filmed in New Mexico. “They were just fabulous,” 505 Studio Works’ Casting Director Jo Edna Boldin says of getting to work with the Coen Brothers. Boldin was especially thrilled to be able to provide opportunities to local actors. “[New Mexico actor] Luce Rains got shot while driving a pickup truck and had blood squirting out of his neck. That was fun for him,” Boldin says. “It’s very exciting that the top projects in the world are coming here right now.”


3:10 to Yuma


Wild Hogs