3486 Zafarano Drive

Santa Feans love to celebrate the authentic, and that’s exactly what’s on the menu here: real, old-fashioned barbecue. Sure, Josh uses some high-tech equipment, but the basic method of cooking meat low and slow over a smoky wood fire really hasn’t changed over the millennia. That being said, this restaurant has made several improvements on the theme since opening last summer. First, chef Josh Baum recognizes that barbecue is not the only food we love, so there’s plenty of chile con queso on the menu here. Look for welcome nods to local cuisine in the barbecued brisket quesadillas, smoked chicken taquitos and green chile coleslaw. With a location so close to the Regal Cinemas and a menu that’s extraordinarily kid-friendly (go ahead, use your hands!), it’s easy to understand why Josh’s is Santa Fe’s favorite new restaurant.


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