Bill Richardson

OK, so in the scheme of things, winning Best Politician in SFR’s readers’ poll might pale slightly when compared with, you know, winning the Democratic nomination for US president. But if this honor doesn’t quite compensate for Gov. Bill Richardson’s inability to do the latter, he’s not letting on, and says he’s pleased with the local recognition. “It’s a great honor,” he tells SFR. “I’m a very fond and avid reader of the Reporter, even when you guys poke fun at me.” Who, us? As for his past year in the national spotlight, Richardson says it was “great running for president” and that he currently is focused on the upcoming special legislative session, his various international missions and helping

’s campaign. And while sanguine about not winning the Dems’ nomination, Richardson says he would have been less happy about failing to win SFR readers’ pick as Best Politician: “It’s good to know that your progressive voters who read the Reporter still are well disposed toward me, so I’m happy to get that,” the governor says, adding: “I would have been unhappy if I hadn’t.” Phew.


US Rep. Tom Udall, D-NM


US Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM