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Kitchen Angels has been swooping down to make house calls with free home-cooked meals for 16 years. The organization visits approximately 85 to 90 homes a day and has delivered more than 445,000 meals to more than 2,500 homebound seniors and single parents. But these angels are about more than just getting the job done. “We’re always checking out new possibilities when using the fresh things that come through the door from places like the Community Farm and Beneficial Farms,” Executive Director Tony McCarty says. “The volunteers each bring their special interest and expertise into the kitchen.” More than 200 volunteers donate time to Kitchen Angels every week and, with the cost of a night in the hospital being equal to about a year’s worth of meals, Kitchen Angels’ work goes a long way. “Ninety-seven percent of our clients are able to stay in their homes because of the help with the meals that they get. They don’t have to make the choice between paying rent and getting medication,” McCarty says. Kitchen Angels thanks Santa Feans for their show of support, he adds: “It’s fantastic. It’s a great acknowledgement from the community to be recognized for the work that we do for the homebound.” (Josiah Stephens)


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