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In order to save the world, Bioneers co-founders Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons look into the future and beam their thoughts around the globe. With those super-powers, it’s no wonder SFR’s readers voted Bioneers the Best Local Environmental Group. A current collaborative project, “Dreaming New Mexico,” offers a vision of the state in 2020 running on renewable energy and locally farmed foods. Bioneers’ grassroots network of satellite sites develops and promotes green technology and infrastructure to improve local ecosystems—activities at the heart of its mission. This October, its annual conference in San Rafael, Calif., has an expected audience of approximately 8,000 with 18 Bioneers satellite sites connected via broadcast. At the end of the day, there are no magic rings, no communicator watches, no spandex. “A Bioneer is someone who is looking to nature as a mentor and a model to understand how nature operates and imitate how nature does it so that we can live in a good way on the earth,” Ausubel says. “We passionately love this place and the people here, so to be chosen in a popular vote is really a profound honor.” Simons concurs via e-mail, “We have a real commitment to New Mexico, there’s never been any place else we’d consider as a home for the nonprofit.”


(formerly Forest Guardians)

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