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Three cheers for literacy: The Santa Fe Public Library’s blog, Icarus, has its own devoted following of local book enthusiasts, part-time Santa Fe dwellers and library lovers. The blog, initially created by Miriam Bobkoff in 2005, is currently edited by Amy Mullin, the reference and technological librarian for the main branch of SFPL. “I take care of the technical side of things,” Mullin says. “But anyone who’s on staff at SFPL can post. It’s a great outlet for us. The library’s Web site is meant to be more informative. You can tickle the imagination a lot more with a blog. It’s more playful.” Right now, SFPL is in the middle of revamping its main Web site, and the blog will most likely follow suit. Mullin encourages all staff members to write, saying that the blog is intended for the library’s community announcements. She hopes it generates conversation among its readers. “Everyone is excited!” Mullin says about winning. “I want to stress that it’s really the whole staff that’s winning this award. We want to thank Santa Fe for all of its support.”


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