1 Epiphany Salon
325 McKenzie St.

After six years and three locations, Epiphany obviously knows how to work that up-do. The vibe is positive and personal, according to Santa Fe-born-and-raised owner and stylist Camille Montoya. “The energy is very strong, especially in our new location, downtown but secluded from the main madness. People feel comfortable coming in and we’re happy that our atmosphere reflects the spirit of Santa Fe, including the interior decorating by Manuel Salas.” Supplementing the local atmosphere: a warm welcome and a willingness to work closely with clients to achieve the desired look. “Salons can be intimidating, but we try to put people at ease,” Montoya says. “Clients feel comfortable bringing their children or their dogs.” Perhaps most importantly, Montoya and colleague Brandy Velarde love their work. “It’s a joy to come to a job and look forward to doing it,” Montoya says. “It gives me great happiness to come to work every day.” Obviously, happy stylists make for happy hair.

2 Rock Paper Scissor Salon Spa
301 N. Guadalupe St.

3 Chrysalis Salon & Beauty Store
540-1 W. Cordova Road