500 S. Guadalupe St.

Here’s the question that’s on our minds right now: What’s gonna happen when the Railyard is finished? Will we have even more competition for a table at Tomasita’s? Damn you urban development! The addictive sting of the green chile at this converted railroad station house is no secret; that’s why folks line up for the pleasure of a few minutes spent tucked into a hunch, fork in hand, over a plate of enchiladas smothered with this luscious chile. That’s a pleasure we can all share, because Tomasita’s wisely decided years ago to offer a full menu of vegetarian-friendly dishes, including meat-free chile. Hooray! Sure, the bright, fruity flavor of green chile is most pronounced against the earthy flavor of a fat tamale but, sometimes, when you really need a fix, the best bet is to just order a whole bowl of the green, get a sopa on the side and sink into bliss.


Horseman's Haven Café

4354 Cerrillos Road


Tia Sophia's

210 W. San Francisco St.