227 Don Gaspar Ave.

India Palace is the place to go when white bread and bologna sandwiches just won’t cut it. Every meal at India Palace is a workout for your taste buds. “What am I eating?” your brain asks you and the reply may well be, “I have no idea!” It may be the nutty but mysterious flavor of chickpea flour in a cauliflower pakora or the subtly enveloping flavor of the indulgent lamb korma, rich with cream, spices, nuts and raisins. Sometimes you don’t need to know. Sometimes the joy of strolling into the cool dining room here is lifting the domes of the elaborate serving dishes on the buffet and actively trying to not look at the labels. Maybe chicken vindaloo is more fun when you don’t know beforehand that it will cause beads of sweat to form on your forehead and drip down your nose.


Mu Du Noodles

1494 Cerrillos Road


Jinja Bar & Bistro

DeVargas Center
510-P N. Guadalupe St.