1 TIE: Santa Fe Baking Company
504 W. Cordova Road

Tia Sophia’s
210 W. San Francisco St.

It’s pretty easy to understand how these two Santa Fe institutions could get an equal number of votes: They both make a killer burrito. Tia’s breakfast burritos are so big they practically obscure the plate. The Baking Company’s burritos are big, too, but we like them because we get to pick toppings like chorizo and veggie sausage. And while Tia’s keeps it norteño downtown, the bustling café on Cordova Road serves breakfast with a side of yummy Oaxacan black beans. At Tia Sophia’s you’re bound to run into your landlord, your lawyer or your legislator; at the Baking Company, you know you’ll see that cute guy who always sits downstairs, tapping away on his laptop. We’re sure there’s a lot of big deals being made over sopas at Tia’s—and probably a lot of blogging going on (thanks to the free Wi-Fi) at the Baking Company, but we just go for the food.

2 El Parasol
1833 Cerrillos Road

3 The Pantry
1820 Cerrillos Road