1 Los Alamos National Bank
301 Griffin St.

Do you ever get the feeling after you opened a checking account that you had turned all of your money over to a greedy relative who will only let you visit it a few times a month? Imagine, instead, a world in which banks are our friends, loyal stewards of our hard-earned money, indispensable community resources with a deep commitment to local culture. No need to merely imagine: Los Alamos National Bank, after nine short years in Santa Fe, has gained exactly that reputation. “We are a customer-driven bank,” Fidel Gutierrez, senior vice president for the Santa Fe offices, says. “Our employees are enthusiastic and deliver excellent customer service. We lend basically 100 percent of our deposits back to the local community, and we did nearly a half a million dollars of community giving in Santa Fe last year. We have a very loyal customer base. We strive to make banking enjoyable, and we always keep in mind: It’s not our money, it’s your money.”  What a concept!

2 First National Bank of Santa Fe
62 Lincoln Ave. (main branch)

3 Century Bank
100 S. Federal Place