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Chopsticks are optional at Mu Du Noodles, but it’s simply more fun to twist udon noodles with chopsticks than it is with a boring old fork. You eat with a fork every day, but a trip to Mu Du Noodles is like a once-in-a-lifetime whirlwind tour of Asia. In one meal! This morning you didn’t even know what a daikon was, but tonight you’re maneuvering a pan-seared daikon cake into your gaping maw, chewing and asking incredulously, “This is made from a radish?” Yes, in the hands of a master like Mu Jing Lau, even an ugly yellow radish can taste like heaven on earth. Make plans to eat here with a big group of friends so you can all stick your chopsticks in each other’s plates and taste the flavors of Thai curries, Malaysian laksa, Japanese noodles, Chinese dumplings and Vietnamese spring rolls.


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