Whatever your taste for film, Santa Fe likely has a cinema option to interest you. Yes, from the snootiest film-school freshman to the low-browin’-est action fan, our fair city’s got you covered. Here’s a sample:

Jean Cocteau Cinema

Famously brought back to life by author George RR Martin after years lying dormant, the Jean Cocteau has never been better. From the free showings of HBO/Martin’s Game of Thrones series and cool underground sci-fi films like Europa Report to the arrival of a real-life DeLorean to help celebrate Back to the Future screenings (also free) and awesome Skype interviews with directors of celebrated indie achievements like Liquid Sky, JC and GRR are on your team for real.
418 Montezuma Ave., 466-5528

Regal Cinemas

As much as the art-house experience is vital and charming, sometimes you’ve gotta see some big-name movie star blow stuff up. Enter Regal Cinemas, the type of super-chain that keeps dollars flowing into Hollywood like bullets flow into the enemies of…well, pick an action star. We understand Santa Feans don’t love corporate business, but Regal is to be commended for a resurgence of screens that are just bonkers huge. And besides, if y’all act like it wasn’t rad to see Harry Potter on a gigantic screen, you’re nuts.
3474 Zafarano Drive, 424-0799

CCA Cinematheque

A longtime staple of the Santa Fe film experience, CCA brings the worlds of foreign film, animation, documentary and beyond to our doorstep while also maintaining a visual art gallery and some pretty great popcorn. They’ve hosted mayoral forums and taught kids and been the kind of organization we can brag about to our out-of-town friends: “My town has a theatre that plays NC-17 movies now and then…does yours?”
1050 Old Pecos Trail, 982-1338

Violet Crown

You know how if you live downtown, it’s always kind of a drag to head to Zafarano to catch a mainstream movie? Oh sure, DeVargas Mall has United Artists, but we’re looking to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon watching Hollywood crap, dammit, and Wes Anderson/Spike Jonze are just too high-brow for us. Well worry no more, because The Railyard will soon host the Violet Crown, and our lives will be about a bazillion times better. A groundbreaking ceremony for the project took place in February.