This week's Eyedropper is a showcase of various recent aesthetic innovations and cultural improvements—er, graffiti—that have made Santa Fe a better, more interesting place. From Whole Foods to stop signs to sidewalks to politicians, everything gets it.---

Look, it's our favorite publicly traded, non-online-stock-bullying supermarket with the best parking lot in the world (which has little to do with the actual parking lot, much to do with the people driving in it). In line with these positive attributes, Whole Foods is also now being honest about its prices.

Someone on Marcy Street has a great sense of humor, terrible taste in music. STOP…Hammer Time!

Although the Eyedropper prefers sign adjustments that are more subtle, we love vicious political attacks…and the senseless destruction of the Earth. Dear Tom Mullins, the '90s called and wants its even-then-trite slogan back. Actually, we don't mean that. We like the "Got Tom?" campaign because of its consummate atopicality.

This is just a pretty fish swimming in chain-link waters. Has the Eyedropper ever said she loves graffiti AND signage? Of course she has: HERE and HERE and HERE.

Thanks to everyone for the above images, including Kim Sorvig (Got Oil?) and MC Hammer .