The Eyedropper

does something spiritually irredeemable at least once a day, so here goes. Today, we'll gawk at religious people in trouble and then make

religiously appropriate jokes

about them (

'cause the Eyedropper does have a sense of propriety, just not a proper sense of it


Devout Eyedropper follower John

(from whom you all should learn) took this image of a

Holy Spirit Tours

bus that was

broken down on I-25

. We've decided to take the relatively kind route (not the broke-down bus route) and make an

uncharacteristically appropriate (for us)

we found on the

(which we absolutely read every day).

"A man arrives at Heaven and Michael

[editor's note: who is this Michael?]

explains to him how some things work. 'We will provide everything you need here but your mode of transportation is based on how faithful you were in marriage.' The man is satisfied to see that he is given a Volvo. While driving to his new home he sees one of his friends who also arrived that day parked on the side of the road crying in his Aston Martin. 'Why are you crying?! You’ve earned an Aston Martin for your marital faithfulness!' he says. His friend looks up and explains, 'Yeah, but I just saw my wife on a skateboard!'"

At least she wasn't stranded on the side of the road in a broken-down Holy Spirit Tours bus, eh?

Thanks to John Grisak for sending this image and for sending us to hell. How does one say hell in brown person?