Naturally—because this is Santa Fe and this is what we do, dammit—prairie dogs are

. On one side, there are those who wish to feed and perhaps snuggle the critters (a rodent by any other name...). Others wish to move them to

relocation/fat camps

where there's nary a McDonald's in sight. Fortunately for everyone involved, another solution has come into the mix:

Eat them


Matt Lynch sends us this photo from the

Corn Crib

restaurant in

(population 696 and dropping!), where folks know that the only sensible thing to do with

methed-out prairie dogs

is eat them, presumably with corn on the cob and a palate accustomed to such fineries as dandelion hooch. This way, people can both feed (

read: fatten up

) the prairie dogs and avoid expensive relocation costs.



—unless you dropped $15.99 on this shirt.