OK, so the person responsible for this week's Eyedropper was trying to be nice. But the Eyedropper is not nice and instead finds this sign, this person and this person's perceived charity hilarious.---


Guardian Angel of Animals

, you have to warn people that the sidewalk could be hot and could burn dogs' paws? What you're really trying to say is that some people (not you) should not have animals, while other people (you) should.

Dogs are tough. They can handle a walk through the Plaza and, if it gets too much, they'll probably complain and most owners—not just the superhero ones who feel the pain of burnt paws everywhere in the soles of their very own feet—

will  take notice

and move their dogs to some nice cool Plaza grass, fence or no.

Also, what the hell are those things in the

upper corners

? Are those bats?

Arbitrary Eyedropper Score

: -10 points for for being a Hack Dog Whisperer and for crappy art skillz