[Editor's note: This week's Eyedropper will be interrupted for a brief letter to God.]

Dear God, I have been very blessed this week and have many

things for which to be thankful


I'm thankful for

Aryana Potter

and that she was intrepid enough to dare take this photo at the

lowrider car show

this month at the Santa Fe Lowe's.

I'm thankful that when Nuevo Mexico

caught Potter taking her photo

, Nuevo Mexico left Potter's camera and, more importantly, this image intact.

I'm thankful for lowriders, the people who ride around in them and the

people who like to look at lowriders

and the people who ride around in them.

I'm thankful for Spanish translations of



I'm thankful for

tattoos, designer purses and cell phones

with cameras.

I'm thankful for

short shorts

, especially blue ones.

I'm thankful that when I wanted to get "

Thug Life

" written in the very same spot, my mom hit me.

Yours Truly,