The Eyedropper loves lewd advertising and would probably love

because she hears it has a delicious pay-what-you-wish lunch on Mondays%uFFFDbut this image is not what should have been this week's Eyedropper. That's where you come in, Dear Reader.

The Eyedropper was on her way to see Killah Priest and Eternal of the Wu Tang Clan (extended family? distant cousins?) at Corazón because that's a pretty badass last-minute show (and on a Sunday!). She was walking through a dark corner of South Capitol (or SoCa, as douchebags might call it) when she heard someone walking up too close behind her. She veered off the sidewalk to get an eyeful of a man wearing a fleece on top, and nothing but sheer ladies leopard-print underwear with copious holes and a small black sock (to bulwark one of the holes) on bottom.

Naturally, the Eyedropper laughed at him.

Lady Undies: "Know of any good parties going on tonight?"

Eyedropper: "No. Definitely not."

He walked on ahead, then stopped, turned to the Eyedropper and asked where he'd find Canyon Road. The Eyedropper gave him directions gladly (take that, Canyon Road).

This is all a long-winded way of asking: Anyone get a picture of Lady Undies?

The Eyedropper was too unsure of how crazy Lady Undies was to get a picture of him. It was also really dark and all the Eyedropper had was her camera phone and a propensity for punching dudes.