The Eyedropper would like to thank the Rail Runner for a short, cheap and gorgeous journey to Albuquerque, a city that isn't laughing at itself nearly enough. Here's a child's toy chest of fun culled from Duke City:

As opposed to its now defunct competitor, the Unsanitary Tortilla Factory.

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is a party rental bus that reminds us

"The Ride is the Party!"

The Eyedropper did not ride the Krazy Bus because she is averse to that  spelling of "crazy" and wasn't wearing nearly enough glitter product.

This strip club on Central Avenue cuts to the chase: Yes, I want a lap dance at 2 pm on a Sunday and yes, for the sake of my ever-fleeting dignity, I want to use the discreet rear entrance.

The Eyedropper did not look into the private parts at this installation at

(at least not while some jerk with a camera phone took her photo) to see nothing at all that spectacular. The image above, folks, is what was worth viewing.