At first glance, this partially full parking lot might not look like much, unless, of course, you're downtown on a Saturday and think that you should be able to park in it. Then you'll see this partially full municipal parking lot

and you'll also see (not shown, bad angle) a "Lot Full" sign blocking the entrance. From my vantage point at Rooftop Pizza, countless cars stopped and then drove away, rightly deterred by the sign; clearly they have a suitable understanding of the way of the (Santa Fe) world. One more persistent (read: hubristic) individual parked out front until the lot attendant finally let him in, removing the "Lot Full" sign only long enough for the car to park. Clearly the driver could not read. The lot attendant then scurried back with the sign to remind everyone else who wanted to act a fool (and could read) that the partially full lot was in fact full, à la sign. Forget all that pay-to-park bickering of yore; now you can neither pay nor park. Are you happy yet?