Santa Fe can be pretty quirky in its, well, everything (DWI Super Blitz!, No Parking signs in the middle of the road, most of its bumper stickers—just for some roadway examples), but it's certainly not alone. Long Island is a pretty silly place too. Here's what a recent visit to the East Coast yielded.*

This can be read one of three ways:

1. We, 7-eleven, will give you, police, free stuff if you protect us.

2. Yo, youth and riffraff, the police are here so don't even think of stealing a Snickers or a buttered roll.

  1. 3. Police, you should be doing your job more and loitering here drinking Slurpees less, but whatevs, you at least pay for Slurpees or maybe not because this is Long Island.

Forget those fancy cigarette holders or even the possibility of smoking your cigarette before you go into 7-eleven or even just putting out your cigarette. Just leave your conflagrant confection stuck in the rubber of your rolled-down window.

This is just some spit. Apparently it's OK to spit inside—while I, amazed, watch you—Kennedy Airport.

*Naturally two of the three photos are 7-eleven-related.