This is a very special edition of the Eyedropper. We brought our cameras along for SFR's 35th Anniversary Summer Blast Block Party at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, where there was so much to see. If you weren't there, you should have been. Try harder next time. Here's the best of what you missed.

moreHere we have Zane and Corey Hula-hooping. I am simultaneously taking this picture with my camera phone and whooping the hell out of them in our Hula-hoop contest.

Here the dog that lives with me (right) is whooping me with his Hula-hoop skills. He will not be fed anytime soon.

Here we have a baby, not drinking. Although I can't speak for whether it wants to or not.

Contrary to what editor Julia Goldberg says, the Eyedropper is nice and kind. She loves dancing and she especially loves people who dance without shame. The Eyedropper picked the top four best dancers at our 35th Anniversary Blast, although there were many, many excellent dancers in the running.

Seemingly taking his cue from my awesome Hula-hooping skillz, the third-place best dancer rotates around (and around) the dance floor with the best of 'em.

Second place is a tie between a gypsy couple and a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Let it suffice that both acts are indescribably good. The man wearing a Hawaiian shirt video gives a preview of SFR's No. 1 Best Block Party Dancer, so look out.

Finally, we have the winner. 1,000 points goes to you, tiny baby girl dancer. Who are your parents? Or where are they? Never change baby dancer. You roll on the ground with the best of 'em.

As has been surely evidenced by the above, the 35th Anniversary Block Party was the best ever. You should be ashamed if you missed it. Ashamed.