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I was in the mall. Remember the mall?  I passed Hot Topic. Remember Hot Topic? And I found a bunch of awkwardly aged goth-ish kids packed in America's favorite anti-mainstream but de facto mainstream store, awaiting (in that awkward mid-growing-stage way of theirs) a concert.

Remember concerts at Hot Topic in the mall? No. In the good old days these kids would've been out vandalizing something, not biding their time at an easy-going concert in Hot Topic no doubt being pacified by music along the lines of Hoobastank.

There was a vigilant chaperon and certainly a strictly adhered to maximum occupancy rule. No graffiti as far as I could tell. Retainers were worn dutifully, shoes tied.

I lingered long enough to get this photo, to see a drum set, a blur of wide-leg jeans (ha, nothing changes, ever), black T-shirts, affected angst and to see a couple fiercely making out with what appeared to be only the tips of their tongues. I left before I could be devoured by pubescence.

Kids, you will be more interesting if you smash something. Start with Hot Topic.