This Penitentiary of New Mexico escapee was spotted outside of Todos Santos in Sena Plaza. He is armed but not dangerous, mostly just cute, sugary and delicious.

Last seen wearing a lucha libre mask (the scarring on his face is severe and is an all-too-painful reminder of a childhood incident he refuses to discuss) and about 5 billion Pez dispensers, Pezman is a consummate storyteller and an accommodating host, even within the confines of his prison cell. Always one for a good laugh, he made quite a raucous escaping from prison—to be fair, though, he should not have been locked up in the first place; he's an innocent man—and is now roaming the streets of Santa Fe, doing his best to keep off of the authorities' radar.

But if you do spot him, let him be. He was never guilty of the crimes with which he was charged. His proclivities toward candy and hanging out with children are merely innocent diversions, just vestiges of a lost childhood, one he is trying to recapture.

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