1. Mayor David Coss pushes for cleanup of "Legacy  Waste" at LANL. And by cleanup, he means "Take it somewhere else."   2. ABQ super in trouble for insulting tweets about Education Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera. But he gets bonus points for penning the nickname "Skandy."    3. Sipapu to open as first NM ski slope OF the season. Santa Fe needs cloud seeding for guaranteed snow by Thanksgiving. 

4. Local landscaper finds face of Jesus on a rock. Forensic study determines it's actually the likeness of St. Peter's scrotum. 5. Santa Fe Mayor's race drops to six. Three councilors still set for cage match. 

6. New owners of $4 million Canyon Road home want identity protected. They don't want to be asked for campaign contributions.  7. State bluffs with "Speed Monitored by Aircraft" highway signs.

Program ended in the '90s. Plan is to remove signs mañana.