1. Empty briefcase left in front of City Hall was probably Halloween prop.   Bonus: It gave the cops a chance to play with the bomb robot.  2. Bipartisan legislators to rewrite criminal code.    So criminals have clarity about which crimes pay the best.  3. Wolf reintroduction plan faces more criticism.    Is it a crime to be big and bad and to blow your house down?  4. Marble Brewing Co. loses lease on prime Plaza taproom.    We really need another art gallery, but spot is destined for more beer.    5. Gov. Martinez names ABQ Republican to fill empty legislative seat. Suprising absolutely no one.  6. Electric co-op faces lawsuits from Las Conchas Fire.    Process servers are still trying to track down aspen tree also at fault.  7. Mental health providers repay $4.2 million for bad Medicaid billing. 

Where's the other $30 million? Read the audit. Oh, wait. You can't.