The good kind of school though. The food kind.

This week there are a lot of things to discuss that are coming up in August. Things you should pre-order tickets to. So let us gaze into the future...

Let's FORK!

The event features locally sourced foods form both vendors and chefs as well as music and games. With both vegetarian and meat-based options, the picnic will be a family-friendly way to celebrate our area's farmers.

Chicken is provided by Pollo Real, burgers by Nambe Orchards, and veggie skewers by DerailedSchwebach Farm is supplying the corn. Intergalactic is bringing the bread. Second Street Brewery will be on hand selling brews and Freezie Fresh has you covered on dessert!

WHEN: 6-8 pm Friday Aug. 11
WHERE: Farmer's Market Pavilion (1607 Paseo de Peralta)
COST: $20 (children 12 and under are free) - Get your tickets HERE

Santa Fe's newest chocolatier Cacao hosts a series of great workshops and classes on the art and culture of chocolate. These include factory tours, coffee roasting classes and more general chocolate tastings.

Their most exciting class is the Food of the Gods workshop offered on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday every week. This class is led by store owner and chocolatier Melanie Boudar. It features information on every aspect of the process, from tree to bar. Participants will crack, winnow and grind beans into a paste suitable to make a drinking chocolate and get to make their own version of the traditional drink.

WHEN: 1-3 pm Monday and Saturday July 17 and 22; 10:30 am-12:30 pm Thursday July 20
WHERE: Cacao (3201 Richards Lane, Suite B, 471-0891)
COST: $59 (children 12 and under are free) - reserve a spot HERE

Speaking of classes, NMSU has a great, inexpensive series of extension courses here in Santa Fe. The classes are designed to provide practical research-based knowledge to improve the quality of life for all Santa Feans. The programs include agriculture, horticulture, xeriscape, home ec and 4-H programs. You can read more about the courses offered HERE.

Pressure Canning Class for Green Chile is being presented by Cydney Martin the Santa Fe County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent on Aug. 19. The class will provide techniques and information on the science of canning and each participant will get to can their own green chile to take home!

WHEN: 8:30-11:30 am Saturday Aug. 19
WHERE: Santa Fe Fairgrounds (3229 Rodeo Road)
COST: $15 - Call 471-4711 or email to RSVP

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I thought Santa Fe could do better with recycling and waste. HERE is an interesting article from the Washington Post about efforts to eliminate plastic straws in Burlington, Vermont.

Americans use half a billion straws every DAY. Why? Do we need them? We could drink cold beverages the same as hot ones, through a sipping lid. Alternatives exist. Thoughts?

Have a great week,

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