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Let's all take a big, deep breath. The rest of the summer is upon us!

Let's FORK!

I got a few more responses on the late night eats question!

Milad Persian Bistro (802 Canyon Road, 303-3581) is open until midnight Thursday-Saturday.

Il Vicino (321 W San Francisco St., 986-8700) is open until 11 pm Friday and Saturday.

I recently decided to subscribe to magazines again. There's something about that monthly delivery. That contained package of information. Having the thing in your hand is somehow just better.

For me this is particularly important with food magazines. I've never really gotten used to using my phone or computer for recipes. Swiping around a screen while you're covered in flour is ... weird.

I subscribe to Gather Journal. It's a slickly produced, award-winning magazine. The issues are themed and feature a diverse and interesting breadth of cuisines. Each meal is paired with a cocktail recipe. The issues feature products and essays as well. It's $35 a year—for that you get two issues and access to their feature-laden app.

HERE is their amazing recipe for cactus and purple potato frittata.

Hope you all had a great 4th! See you next week,

See you next week,

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