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There have been a few complaints about the brief mentions of national politics in the newsletter. We apologize for attempting to include information about national events that affect all of us while also discussing local food issues. Since our current president seems to not really like food in the first place (but sure does love Hispanics and their taco bowls!) and national politics are deadly serious, from now on only things directly relating to food will be included.

In that spirit: Here's an article talking about how the fallout from the soda tax vote could derail Javier Gonzales' career and raise the mayoral hopes of City Councilor Ron Trujillo. And this is the Reporter's take on the vote.

Let's FORK!

Careers in the culinary arts are a great path for students. The deadline for the 2017 James Beard Foundation Scholarship Program is May 15. Do you know a student pursuing culinary arts this coming fall? You will find all the info, as well as the application HERE.

The JBF National Scholars, the Friends of James Beard Foundation Scholarships and the James Beard Foundation School Scholarships have been established to assist aspiring culinary professionals who plan to further their education at a licensed or accredited culinary school. Professional grants are also available for independent work, study and travel.

There is also a great internship/grant opportunity for working chefs. The Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant enables qualified professional cooks and chefs to work with producers of food products at their source. The amount of the grant will be based on the time and expenses needed to complete a specific training plan. Covered expenses, up to $4,000, include travel to and from the internship location and income subsidies and living expenses during the internship. HERE is the application for that.

5-6:45 pm: Food trucks, tabling, Axle Contemporary, Muñoz Waxman Gallery tours, Ask A Farmer (with Alex Pino from Revolution Farm), and a Smoothie Bike!!!

5:20-6 pm: Introductions of partners, cooking demonstration with Rocky Durham (of Blue Heron Restaurant at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort)

6:10-6:30 pm: Featured speaker: SITE Santa Fe Young Curators

6:45 pm: Screening of Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food (watch the trailer)

7 pm: SITE Santa Fe Young Curators program presents The True Cost (watch the trailer)

Mother's Day is Sunday. Lots of restaurants are having nice brunches, if you feel like eating (and who doesn't?). So go do something nice for the parents in your life.

See you next week,

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