A Light Snack

It's the last week of April and National Poetry Month is coming to an end. Yesterday, the White House released its new tax plan. In honor, I give you "Sex and Taxes" by Kevin Cantwell:

Plum black & the blush white of an apple
shoulder, melon & cream, in tones to list
the flesh; in light, washed colors off at last
& textures sheer with damp I slowly pull
from you with your quick help. Weekend's ample
procrastinations to forget the least
of what we want to do. April, half a blast
of cold, half new light, green & simple.
Now dusk. Now fear. We pencil what we owe
on this short form, our numbers good enough.
The goose-neck glare undoes how we spent the day.
Each bite each bee-sting kiss each bitten O
all aftertaste. Later, at the drop-off,
postmark queue, we joke: "Now we can die!"

Let's FORK!

All day today is Angels Night Out. I detail the event in this week's SFR, but wanted to remind you to check the list of participating restaurants and make sure you go to at least one of them today. Participating restaurants will donate 25 percent of your bill to Kitchen Angels. This important event provides 10 percent of the organization's annual budget, so let's eat!

If you want to volunteer either in the kitchen or by driving meals, the Kitchen Angels website has information for you on how to be a part of the team.

Last week I talked a lot about beer. The Beerland Tour is tonight and tomorrow at The Lodge (75 N St. Francis Drive, 992-5800). I believe the event is sold out, but you can check HERE for tickets, just in case.

Thursday, April 27:
5-6 pm: Happy Hour, Music, Lawn Games
6-7 pm: Home Brew Seminar
7:30-8 pm: Beerland Screening
8-9:30 pm: Trivia / Lawn Games / Music

Friday, April 28:
9-9:15 am: Yoga Meet Up
9:15-10 am: Yoga Session
10-11 am: Beer-Tails & Breakfast

Speaking of beer: Alex took a look at all the awesome brewing happening in town in this week's edition of SFR. Seriously, for a city this size, we are bathing in hop-filled goodness.

Two new restaurants opened this week. Welcome Cuba Fe (1406 Third St, 204-4221) and Taco Fundación (235 N. Guadalupe, 982-8286). The patio at the latter was pretty hoppin' last night, as viewed from a drive-by. I'll be reviewing each in the coming weeks, but let me know what you think in the meantime.

Which reminds me — Know a good food story? Have a favorite recipe or know a restaurant that isn't getting the love you want it to? Let me know! This is, after all, your newsletter.

See you next week,

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