Another week, another car crashing into a store in the College Plaza on Cerrillos. ... Let's Fork.

March 23 sees a rare case of dueling wine events. One inexpensive, one pricey. Both interesting. Who knew Thursdays in Santa Fe could be so troublesome?

Over at the La Casa Sena Wine Shop, wine from France's Loire Valley will be on full display. The tasting will include six examples of this region. They are highlighting the biodynamic cabernet Franc from Beatrice and Pascal Lambert as well as a sauvignon blanc and pinot noir from the Vacheron family. Appetizers will be served.

WHEN: 6 pm Thursday, March 23
WHERE: La Casa Sena (125 E Palace Ave.)
RSVP: 988-9232
COST: $25

Arroyo Vino will be hosting a dinner with winemaker Laura Díaz Muñoz from Galerie Wines in California. The dinner will feature a conversation and presentation from Muñoz on her approach to craft. This dinner is limited to 12 people, so make your reservation as soon as possible.

The menu hasn't been announced but it's sure to be delicious (Arroyo Vino was SFR's Restaurant of the Year in October's Restaurant Guide, after all).

WHEN: 6 pm Thursday, March 23
WHERE: Arroyo Vino (218 Camino la Tierra
RSVP 983-2100
COST: $110 (plus 20% service & tax)

Remember the 16th Annual New Mexico ProStart Invitational last week? More than 100 high school students from across the state competed to demonstrate mastery of restaurant leadership skills—both culinary and management—in a fast-paced competition to win a share of $3.2 million in scholarships.

The team from Santa Fe High won! They were the only all-female team competing and they kicked all the butts. They are now going to move to nationals in Charleston, South Carolina, in April. The team's mentor Lauren Slaff is very excited about the prospects of the team winning on a national stage, but they are going to need our help to raise the $10,000 needed to get the team there.

Donations can be sent directly to:
Santa Fe High School 
2100 Yucca St.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Make checks payable to "THE ALARM CLOCK CAFE" - this is the on-campus cafe that supports the culinary arts program at SFHS. You can also call the school directly for info 467-2400.

In case you missed it, there was a great feature on frying pans last week. A utensil we rarely think about, but is important. Check it out here.

In this week's Reporter I talk about a dinner party/game night. How do you guys dinner party? I would love to hear your ideas on themes and menus for stress-free dinner parties.

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