Did you know Skylight serves pizza that you can order through an app and pick up at a designated pizza window until 1:30 am? This is awesome! Tuesday-Saturday nights. Look for “Skylight Pizza” in the App Store or Google Play. My choice? The Triple Threat, with pepperoni, Italian sausage and Canadian bacon.

Also: Have you done legislative karaoke at Skylight? Drink, sing and eat chicken wings with overdressed adults who are having way too much fun. Not, like, Donald-Trump-and-a-bunch-of-hookers-doing-golden-showers fun, or even getting-drunk-and-throwing-bottles-from-the-hotel-balcony fun, but a lot of fun for a Wednesday night in Santa Fe anyway. Wednesday nights 8-midnight from Jan. 18-Feb. 15.

Speaking of the legislative session, it starts Tuesday at noon and it's a 60-day, so expect the hotels and restaurants to be surprisingly full of suits for the next couple of months. I hope the lobbyists tip well. (Do they tip well? Restaurant people: Tell me about your experiences during the session.)

And hey, there's an Upper Crust Pizza in Eldorado now! It's open 11 am-9 pm every day and it delivers, just like its sister over by the Roundhouse. I'll take a New Mex pie with extra red chile and chorizo, please.

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